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Self-serving Service: 5 Reasons Volunteering in College Helps You

Posted by Christopher LeBlanc on Dec 16, 2015 10:02:46 AM

College students, especially those with jobs or families, have to prioritize their precious time. Even during winter break time has to be neatly separated among family, friends, work, and preparing for the inevitable first day of the next semester.


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Because time is at a premium, it’s okay to think pragmatically about how volunteering can help you while you help others during the season of giving.

To help gently nudge you in the direction of volunteering during your winter break, here are five ways volunteerism helps college students.

1. Volunteering gets you real-world experience.


Perhaps the most significant obstacle in finding employment once you graduate is lack of experience in your field of study. Choosing volunteer opportunities that fit your interests, strengths, and academic goals is a boon to gathering real-world experience for your future career.


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2. It is a resume builder.

In the same vein as the experiential advantages of volunteering, helping others will also build out your resume .

All other things being equal, volunteerism can set you apart from the crowd when employers are making staffing decisions.

3. It can help you decide if your future career is right for you.

Experience and resume builders are great if you’re going into something that you know you want to do. But what if you land a great gig in your field of study right out of college… and you hate it?

As important as experience is in making you an attractive candidate, it’s also important in you deciding whether or not that career is right for you.



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4. It helps to build a network.

There are few things that build bonds between people like working alongside them. Shared experiences, like those provided by volunteerism, will pay dividends in producing a wide professional network.



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5. It is good for your health.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that altruism provides health benefits to volunteers.

Studies suggest that increased mood, raised self-confidence, stronger immune systems later in life, and even increased longevity are happy side-effects associated with volunteerism.


While it is obvious that helping others benefits society as a whole, altruism is also beneficial to student volunteers themselves.

To find volunteer opportunities available in the Boston area this winter break, check out VolunteerBoston and BostonCares.

For more on Fisher's volunteer efforts, check out the Common Good Club.

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