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Music & Fashion: A Fisher College Visual Merchandising Event

Posted by Jessica Broneske on Jun 22, 2015 2:34:00 PM

Fisher College recently held a visual merchandising display contest open to the public that had students, faculty, families and guests flowing in through the doors on April 15th, 2015. Orchestrated by Professor Susan Mullins, the student competitors (who are in Fisher’s fashion merchandising program) were separated into seven groups and given the theme of "Music & Fashion".


Photo courtesy of Jessica Broneske

What is Visual Merchandising?

According to The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashionvisual merchandising is the visible environment of a retail store that contributes to the promotion and sale of merchandise.  Included are the exterior appearance of the store, window displays, interior décor, signage, lighting and displays of merchandise.

Every step of the way the visual merchandiser is required to integrate creativity into business. In order to accomplish this, one must be up to date on all the latest trends, presenting that look in such an attractive way the customer simply must have it and be able to locate the products nearby to purchase.

Visual merchandising is an art. One that requires creative communication of brand identity to the customer. A professional must utilize their knowledge of design dealing with line, shape, color, texture, and other elements to create an environment that holds up to the expectations of both the customer and the brand.

The Event:

The arrangments were music inspired such as one that displayed Miley Cyrus being fashion forward even behind restrictions.


Photo courtesy of Shannon Geher

This display was demonstrated by vertically tied ribbons on a clothing rack in front of a Cyrus inspired dressed mannequin with little fluffy black wings.

Another inspiration was a Lady Gaga spectacle, having bubbles projecting from the center of the exhibit highlighting crazy footwear and an intriguing balloon dress on the mannequin.


Photo courtesy of Shannon Geher

There was always something to entertain you at every site you went to. Some were simplistic and eye-catching, others had so much detail you could spend hours gazing at it and never lose interest. 

similar event that Fisher College fashion students have participated in the past was a Spring visual window display competition for Lou Lou’s Boutique on 222 Newbury St, Boston, MA. The winner’s exhibit became the store-front window display for the boutique. 


Photo courtesy of Jessica Broneske

Needless to say, with all this attention we hope to see this event return in the years to come; and we can’t wait to see what students will come up with next! 


Interested in Fashion Merchandising? Check out Fisher College's program.
Fashion Merchandising Program  



Who is your favorite fashion icon in the music industry? 
Let us know in the comments below.

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