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Free Shows at Colleges in Boston

Posted by Jennifer Courtney on Oct 30, 2014 4:10:00 PM


Headline-grabbing performances at Boston concerts are nothing new.

The night after Martin Luther King was assassinated James Brown put on a historic performance at the Boston Garden on April 5, 1968. It was at that show where the Godfather of Soul issued his famous appeal for peace and calm as other cities across the country exploded in civil unrest.

Then, there was The Boss and his E Street Band who wowed fans at Harvard Square Theater in ’74.

In September 1991 Axis on Lansdowne Street was rocked by Nirvana the day before Nevermind was released – a scene the Boston Phoenix described as being “too many people for anyone to fall straight to the floor. And it wasn’t only the audience. From the first chord (Kurt) Cobain was like a super ball — he seemed to ricochet off the floor into the air, off the audience back to the stage, off his amp to the front, and back again.”

And don’t forget about Jay Z and Justin Timberlake at Fenway in 2013. The list goes on and on … Check out The Phoenix’s Top 40 Greatest Concerts in Boston History

But it isn’t just the city’s big concert halls and stadiums that have hosted the biggest names in the business.

Many colleges in Boston have had their fair share of world-famous acts. Last spring, Northeastern University hosted Snoop Dogg – a show that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attended. Tufts University’s “Spring Fling 2014” showcased rapper Childish Gambino and the Grammy-nominated R&B singer Janelle Monae did her thing at Harvard’s “Yardfest.”

Fisher College, however, is a unique venue on the Boston music scene.

While other hot spots feature well-known artists that will cost concert-goers an arm and leg to see, Fisher College offers free shows in Boston every month of the school year for music-lovers interested in seeing some of the best up-and-coming artists out there. It’s called the “Live @ Fisher” series - though it could also be called the “You Heard It Here First” concerts.   

There may be no such thing as a free lunch. But, “Live @ Fisher” shows - all of which are held in the school’s recently renovated Alumni Hall at 116 Beacon Street - are not only free for students, they’re open to the public.

You heard it here first!Domoftheyear


Earlier this year, Dom Wise was in the house. Also known as DomOfTheYear, the 23-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor first taught himself to play the guitar, covering songs from R&B to rock to country when he was 17. His first catalog of songs, Presently Absent, was released in 2011. He followed up with a full-length album, Thrills, in 2013. In March 2014, Dom released a promo single to celebrate his 23rd birthday, aptly titled 23.

Next up, is Bradd Marquis, a rising soul singer known for eschewing today’s R&B “bad boy” image.



As Marquis puts it: “Today’s music is over-ego or over-sex. There isn’t a conversation of what went wrong, why people do what they do in relationships. Where are the songs saying we’re all still learning"?


Marquis first enchanted audiences with his 2007 album debut, the critically acclaimed Finding My Way. He followed up 2011 with the well-received LP Authentic.


Marquis has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Babyface and the late Gerald Levert. A veteran of “Showtime at the Apollo,” Marquis was also named Soul Singer of the Year by BET’s popular show “106th and Park.”


You heard it here first: Marquis is a breath of fresh air, an emerging artist you don’t want to miss. To register for Live @ Fisher events, simply go to: Fisher.edu/liveatfisher


Are there any up-and-coming musical acts you’d like to see at Fisher College? Drop us a line.

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