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European Men’s Fashion in Boston

Posted by Surrie Adams on Dec 12, 2014 4:15:00 PM

European menswear trends, bold patterns, vibrant colors are taking the Boston area by storm, and we love it!

Currently, men in the Boston area are raving about the European fashion trend that appears to be spreading like wildfire. This trend features clothes that are slim, snug fitting, and sleek. When speaking with a menswear retail manager in the Back Bay area, she stated,“Men come in and ask for their slim suits to be taken in even further.”

If a curious reader wants to observe how this style is affecting men in the downtown work place or near-by colleges in Boston, they need to do nothing more than stand in line at the local Starbucks on Berkeley Street during the morning rush hour. 

During Boston Fashion Week, this trend was showcased at the Caramelo Men’s Fashion Show.

The suit jackets were slim...


  ...and the ties even skinnier!



Men’s fashion has changed drastically over the decade...

... and men are catching on. Stores have been changing their styles to fit the European look. A popular store for students of colleges in Boston is H&M, which has recently been selling slim-fit suit coats and suit pants. The European look is setting in and creating a polished look for Bostonian men.

Another popular trend that can be seen walking the city streets is the combination of classically clashing patterns. It’s become quite common to see men sporting gingham printed shirts with Asian bowties. These eclectic new trends have been popping up all over the Boston area, and despite whatever the old assumption was, men are stepping up and joining the fashion game. 

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All around Boston men seem to be stepping out of their comfort zone and trying out unique color schemes.

Navy is still the top color for suits and sports jackets according to a local menswear retailer, but more men are becoming open to brighter colors for shirts and ties. While walking around a menswear store, one soon notices that ties are now being sold in every color imaginable—lined up like a rainbow. This is clearly deliberate, as vibrant ties are extremely popular and catch the eyes of curious men. Casual wear comes into play, which is why they can pull off these energetic colors while walking to work or even grabbing a bite at a local café. With the eclectic trends, vibrant colors, and new styles, stylish men are walking the streets of Boston. This could be a phase or it could last forever, I guess we’ll find out!


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