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Why Should You Get an MBA?

Posted by Anthony Baker on Feb 2, 2015 11:29:00 AM

Can an MBA Give Your Career the Boost it Needs?

Most business executives have always agreed that the Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate degree is the academic standard for executive level promotion or hiring consideration for most industries. There is certainly no shortage of online resources supporting this opinion.

Why-Should-You-Get-An-MBAEric Jackson recently published The 10 Most Underated Reasons Why You Should Get an MBA in Forbes.com. The article includes important questions to consider when reflecting on the value of an MBA. All of which would help anyone pondering a graduate business education to make a sound decision.

Allbusinessschools.com also has many excellent points on why you should get an MBA. While most seem like “common sense” it is often good to still think clearly about these types of questions with one’s feet firmly on the ground when their thoughts are in the air.


How Do You Choose the Right MBA for You?

The reasons why are clear. However, with the amount of colleges in Boston now offering these degrees, there are some specific value added points prospective students should be looking for when making a decision on where to apply.

  • Faculty – What percentage have terminal degrees, professional experience, or preferably a mix of both. The reason is that an equal mix of “knowing and doing” is vital for developing practical skills based on sound business principles. Companies expect their managers “to be able to do something” effectively with the knowledge they have developed.
  • Cost – Any business undergraduate degree holder should be able to explain the concept of Return on Investment (ROI). Now is the time to apply this knowledge to the financial costs of earning an MBA. Will a high priced MBA give you a competitive advantage in the field or industry you are in? Will a lesser expensive degree meet your needs?
  • Location – While most MBA’s have some online courses and in some cases are completely online, does the location of the home office or campus give you the opportunity to visit and meet with faculty and advisors (dare I say) face-to-face? Does the school’s location allow it to recruit qualified faculty previously discussed?
  • Time – Most graduate degrees are based on 2 years of graduate level coursework. This timeline is based on fulltime enrollment in a traditional 2 – 3 term per year program. However, will a college with shortened terms in a year round program allow you to finish sooner and still keep sanity? Is an evenly paced program that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time an advantage for your career strategy?  

Lastly, an MBA is not just for the business degree graduate. Many artists, scientists, engineers, and medical professionals move from practitioners to managers in the course of a career. So a program that has a systematic means to assist these non-business professionals get up to speed so they can successfully earn an MBA may be an important feature as well.


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