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Campus Safety at Colleges in Boston

Posted by Adam Higgins on Oct 3, 2014 5:39:00 PM

OK, you can tell your family and loved ones to stop worrying now. You’re in good hands.

No, you are not in an Allstate commercial. But you are in THE state to be right now, enrolled in college in the Higher Ed capital of the world, during the most picturesque time of year in New England. It’s an ideal environment to do what you came here to do: grow, learn, explore, build relationships, and prepare for the future.

And while colleges in Boston are a launch pad for students and not a landing pad for helicopter parents (there’s no parking space for that anyway), you or someone in your family may have safety questions lurking in the background. “What are my chances of being a victim of crime?

Of course, you could show off your research skills and cite Crime In America.net, an online crime analysis clearing-house, which reports the answer to that question is “statistically simple – it depends far more on the activities you choose to engage in than race, sex, or income.” Studies show that “our chances for violent victimization are more controlled by what we do than by who we are.”

We suggest, however, you save your research efforts for the classroom and instead fall in to the concrete, practical steps many colleges in Boston have taken to enhance campus safety. 

Yes, Fisher College is in a great location in Boston and we have a top-notch campus police department. Even still, this year, we went above and beyond with Life Button 24. Over the summer, Fisher College partnered with the creators of a revolutionary new phone app that instantly connects students with safety personnel in an emergency situation. 

Life Button 24 also provides students with an added layer of security off campus as well. Using geo-fencing technology, Life Button 24 can assist any student who may feel they are in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation on or around Fisher’s Boston campus, while at home, on Spring Break, or any anywhere in the continental U.S.

Fisher College Campus Safety

The app, available to all Fisher College students this fall, features two-way communication for students and emergency responders, a silent mode for responders to listen in the event the caller is unable to speak and a video/photo feature that allows students to send images and video of a crisis to emergency responders in real time. Using GPS technology, Life Button 24 can provide law enforcement with the exact location of a student in harm’s way.

Regardless of what campus you are landing in this Fall, remember to STAY SAFE!

Campus safety is a priority for all universities and colleges in Boston this Fall. Take advantage of the systems and resources made available to you. If you are lucky enough to be a Fisher College student this year, don't forget to download the FREE Life Button 24 app. 

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 Questions about Campus Safety or the Life Button 24 app? Post a comment!

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